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About Me!

Hi, Im Kristi.

Welcome to Boho and Cub; a journey through raising my little one in a holistic, natural environment, and sharing my experiences as a Mumma.

Boho and Cub was formed around a year after my daughter's birth. I'd always loved writing and putting my thoughts down on paper so once on the journey of Motherhood the two combined naturally.

With endless learning experiences, I found myself needing to write everything down, not only due to #mumbrain, but also, finding that moments that pass us by so quickly.

Those treasured glimpses into our children's world that I never wanted to forget.

As parents, we know that along with those beautiful moments, there come many challenging days, times when we want to rip our hair out and as for the coffee and wine budget...well ,what budget?

I am a mother to my 1 year old daughter, Adelie, and currently reside in Melbourne, though born in QLD, I do miss the beautiful beaches and the constant heat. My passion lies in educating and inspiring, and I am currently studying my Bachelor of Education while I mother my child. Coffee is my weakness and necessity (I think we can all agree on this) and most days, you can find us down by the ocean, building sandcastles or walking through nature, collecting twigs and pine cones for our next craft project.

My purest passion as a mother is to raise my children to live a simple, wholesome life, to see the beauty in nature and raise them to be strong, independent thinkers with a love of protecting our Earth. I love to share tips on living a sustainable life and implementing these teachings to our young ones at an early age. To encourage our children to appreciate natures own playground, and value health and happiness over consuming.

Healthy living isn't just what yo put in your body, but about connecting to the earth, our community and nurturing our soul and mind. Follow me as I share Eco-friendly tips, recipes, and my inspiration behind an earth conscious life. I have a passion for Fitness as a Personal Trainer, so occasionally love to share simple workout ideas that us Mumma's can squeeze into our everyday, and love to get my little involved (were little squat buddies - its adorable to watch!)

With this, comes a love of natural play and introducing quality, beautiful toys into my child's playroom. I share ways to capture your child's engagement through play experiences and creating an environment that will nurture your child's creativity and interests. A small business lover, you can also check out my links for a cheeky little discount to many stores.

So welcome and thanks for getting to know me!



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