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Beautiful Gifts for the Expecting Mother

For the woman expecting her first little babe, and the Mama with her hands already full with an energetic toddler and adventurous children, motherhood is a precious journey of little sleep, milk-stained shirts and overflowing love. So before that all begins, the blissful pregnancy bubble is the perfect time to spoil the expecting mother with a gift that she will truly appreciate! We've picked out our top gifts from our favorite small businesses, gifts of practicality for both mum and bub or a beautiful keepsake item for years to come. The perfect gift for a Baby Shower / Baby Sprinkle / just because they're a super-mum, these gifts will be well loved and cherished!

1. The Baby Journal &Keepsake Books - Truly Amor

Baby Journal - Bebe, with Mama Milestone cards.

From those tiny newborn days to the time they are talking, walking, or painting the walls with magnificently coloured smudgy handprints, these moments become treasured memories. Truly Amor have a beautiful range of journals to record each moment and their newest release - the stunning Bebe Baby Journal - Keepsake Binder, to preserve every moment on their journey to adulthood. With space to capture milestones, place photos, fill out the family tree and and a dedicated section to write a letter from their loved ones, this is a gift that will forever be treasured. A timeless keepsake to pass onto your child in later years.

2. The Nappy Clutch - Ben and Ellie Baby

Woman with hands on pregnant belly, holding the Tan Ben and Ellie Baby Nappy clutch.

For the mum who wants to keep her sense of style, Ben and Ellie Baby have your nappy changes sorted! This beautiful Nappy Clutch adds style and practicality to any outing, turning into a portable nappy change station for those inevitable surprises. Boasting not only a sleek exterior, this beauty can also hold up to 6 nappies, wipes and creams, and folds up perfectly to fit into your handbag, or can simply be worn as a clutch. A clutch that looks this good...who would even know it holds nappies?

3. Labour Prep and Postpartum Recovery Box - Bubba Bump

Labour Recovery and Postpartum Kit containing everything for the pregnant Mama after birth.

Take the stress out of packing the hospital bag with a curated Labour Prep and Post-Partum Recovery Box. Packing the Hospital bag as a first-time mum can be a daunting experience - If you're after the birthing essentials, this one has you covered! Bubba Bump has thought of everything to ease the new mums recovery, from healing bath salts, ice packs, post-partum pads and compression shorts, simply pop in your hospital bag and you're ready! With the option to choose from a Vaginal Birth Box or C-Section Box, ticking that hospital bag off the T0-Do list has never been so easy. This is one that you'll want for every birth - tell all your Mama friends!

4. Percy the Cuddle Duckling - Little Willow Rabbit

Girl Toddler asleep with duck comforter.

Give the gift of sleep with the adorable Percy duckling comforter, handmade with 100% cotton by Little Willow Rabbit. A perfect first comforter for your baby, Percy is there to provide the softest snuggles and comfort to your little one. Cuddly light and easy for baby to hold, it will be be love at first touch, and as a handmade item, each Percy is unique. Don't forget to mention Little Willow Rabbit if you're gifting the comforter on, there really is no bigger drama than a toddler losing their little best friend and not knowing where to buy another!

5. Matching Name Bracelets - Your Story Collective

Mum and daughter holding hands with matching bracelets.

For the Mama who loves sentimental with a personal touch, I just adore these Mama & Mini matching bracelets from Your Story Collective. Choose from 14k gold-filled or stirling silver beads and gift a beautiful piece that will become a treasured keepsake. You can personalize with names or initials, or simply a charm disc or crystal, while creating a stunning gift for the expecting mama that she can wear for years.

Is there really anything sweeter than matching with your mini?

6. French Flax Linen Playmat - My Warren Hill

Young girl laying on Linen Playmat.

For those days of tummy time and exploration, a padded, hypoallergenic mat is an essential. We love the My Warren Hill Play Mats, made of 100% Pure French Flax Linen, meaning quality material for your baby's sensitive little skin. Available in a range of colours with a beautiful quilted texture, this is a gorgeous addition to any nursery, and can be compacted easily to take on your daily adventures to the beach, the park or to a friends house. A beautiful gift for every expecting Mama, keeping those sweet little bundles perfectly protected when exploring their world.

7. Tottie Baby Bag - Tottie Shop

Mum holding daughter, carrying a stone coloured backpack from Tottie Shop.

Life may be messy and tiring as a new mum, but your baby bag doesn't have to be! The Tottie Baby Bag brings together practicality, style and the ultimate organization in one, a quality bag that will see you through the years. Designed by parents, there is a pocket for everything and more, 14 in fact (even a secret compartment at the bottom for all the smelly stuff!). With their minimalist designs, its easy to forget these premium vegan leather backpacks are actually baby bags at all, but each comes equipped with a wipeable change mat and pram straps, for an fuss-free day out. A stylish essential that will make every outing a breeze.

8. The Ultimate Caddie - Bunnie Caddie

A Caddie filled with essentials for baby.

One of the most luxurious and versatile caddies to reach the motherhood market, the Bunnie Caddie has been designed to optimize practicality, while keeping your space looking stylish. Boasting nine functional pockets, removable dividers and a leather strap for portability, this is one product that every mum needs! The Caddie doubles as the perfect hospital bag, everything in plain sight and easily accessible. Available in a range of neutral tones, they'll easily transform your nursery with their sleek look and perfect functionality. For the Mama who's thinks she's already got it all, pop this in her cart (and don't be surprised if she later buys one for every room!)

9. Knitted Blankets - Indus Design

Baby Boy playing in a koala print blanket.

Keep your little ones snug as a bug, in knits made with quality fibres and the sweetest designs. An Australian owned, family business, Indus Design creates beautifully knitted blankets, carefully picking quality material that is breathable, soft and comfortable on your baby's skin. If you haven't already fallen in love with their quality flora and fauna designs, they have now started manufacturing some products in Australia, which is always a win in my books! I adore Penni Penguin and the Kelly Koala designs, but between the swaddles, blankets and chunky knit jumpers, you might end up with a few more items than you went in for!

10. The Mum and Bub Bundle - Alluring Gift Boxes

A basket filled with products for Mum and baby.

We love a beautifully curated gift box for the babes, but lets not forget the mama! Alluring Gift Boxes offers a range of beautiful bundles, with a selection of health and wellness products for mum and keepsakes for bub. We love the option to build your own box, so you can perfectly curate your Mama and Bub bundle and customize to your liking. Choose from luxurious oils and tea tonics for mum, to heirloom blankets and baby journals for the beautiful journey ahead, this is one gift any Mama is sure to love!

11. 5 in 1 Cover Multi Use Mama Cover - Zoe Sage

A lady looking down at her baby in the pram, laying under a fabric cover.

We are all about practical about an item that can be used 5 ways? Zoe-Sage has revolutionized the baby world with a innovative design that takes on 5 different functions! Use as a Pram cover while your little darling sleeps, a highchair cover when eating out, a trolley cover, a nursing cover, and finally, an infinity scarf! How's that for multi-function! Made of organic cotton, this was my go-to for comfort and confidence when my daughter was just a little one, and I couldn't recommend it more as a mother!

We hope that through this list, you are able to find the perfect gift for the expecting Mama...or yourself! With their beautifully unique products, supporting our Australian stores has never been easier. Share the small business love and let your Mama friends know!

Comment below if you spot a favourite product, we would love to hear from you!


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20 de ago. de 2022

So many great ideas! I absolutely love the idea of the postpartum pack! Especially for first time Mums as I had no idea first time round xxx

20 de ago. de 2022
Respondendo a

Oh and it’s Emma x


19 de ago. de 2022

This is such a great list, thank you so much for including us, we love seeing our name amongst such great other small business brands. Tori & Paul x Warren Hill


18 de ago. de 2022

What an absolutely fantastic gifting list 🥰 such stunning ideas

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