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Gifts for the Fun-filled Playroom!

As our children grow and become the energetic little humans that they are, a playroom can be a beautiful space, to encourage creative, independent play and will (hopefully) keep the house a little more tidy! Of course, if you don't have the space, you don't need a playroom per se! A nook in the house, a section of the verandah, garage, even a corner of their bedroom is perfect to create a play space.

Having worked with so many beautiful small businesses since my little girl came along, here are some of my favourite resources I've spotted along the way! Hopefully it can also offer you some fun, educational resources for the upcoming birthdays and each quickly-approaching Christmas! Each quality toy will grow with your child and their imagination, and offer the most wonderfully creative or open ended play. So get all those feel-good vibes going, know that you are supporting small Aussie businesses, and every purchase is supporting their family. Those happy dances they talk of at each purchase? They really happen!

Read about our Small Businesses and our top picks from each;

Totli takes your child on a imaginative play journey with a beautiful array of open ended toys that grow with your child. Made with organic and natural materials, there are toys to suit even the littlest ones. The Totli Box in the Montessori Collection is one of our favourites, and the Rainbow Playset is the perfect gift for endless play. Designed with love and ethically made, we love that these open ended play toys will provide hours of fun in your child's early learning years and keep those little explorers entertained.

Discount code: BOHO for 10% off storewide.

For games to engage and stimulate your children's minds, we couldn't go past The Sage Store for their beautifully handmade resources. A family owned business, they offer a range of products for hands on learning for all ages. On our Christmas Wishlist are the games to bring families together, Sum it Up, and X and O, keeping the little ones entertained and educated throughout the holiday period! We can't get enough of the resources at The Sage Store and these beautifully unique products will last your child beyond their early years!

Discount code: BOHO15 for 15% off storewide.

Every nature lovers dream, this small business speaks of enchanted play and days in nature. We love the Flowerscope for a little DIY project, a kaleidoscope that comes with Summer, Winter or Spring dry plants and blossoms, as nature takes you on a magical journey of patterns. Check out the Mythical Fae Collection while you're here, a whimsical wonderland to delight the little fairy lovers or enchant your own backyard.

Let their imaginations run wild with the Wild Adventure - Mindful Potion kit, a wonderful concoction of crafting potions to add a little magic into every play. A small business run by two sisters, looking to bring the magic of their childhood into the lives of others, with a focus on mindfulness, affirmations, sensory and nature play. Featuring an array of magical kits for every little potions master, these kits bring together fantasy, fun, imagination and play into a world of enchanted possibilities.

A gorgeous addition for Imaginative play and those little butterfly lovers, the Monarch Butterfly Wings will see your child imagine, dream and soar. Growing Kind has an incredible range of toys and activities for your every age, and just to make the online browsing even more of a breeze, you can select resources by the age of your child, brand or schema. Their beautiful underlying ethos on mindfulness, creativity and kindness is seen in their passion for play, and a world of beautiful resources.

Discount Code: BOHO for 10% off storewide.

Its hard to choose just a few gifts with this beautiful selection of natural toys that is Hunting for Wildflowers. Whether its small world play, educational toys, nature or outdoor play, there is something for every child and every occasion. Check out the Gorgeous Baby category too, and the dainty accessories made by other Australian business. One of our favorite resources is The Vehicle Play-set, and we've spent many hours driving them up down and around the playroom. Perfect for those little car races around the house!

Discount code: BOHO for 10% off storewide.

One play couch, a hundred and one different ways to play. The Whatsie, self proclaimed 'Whatever you want it to be' is a dream addition to any playroom, and the ultimate play toy to grow with your children. With a range of different colours, the Whatsie comes in a Microsuede or cotton fabric and has expanded their Play Couch with (The Ultimate!) add-ons to purchase - the Rollers and the the Rainbow are a crowd favourite! A quality foam play couch that is well worth the investment - just think of the endless imaginative play ( and the hours free to yourself - this is true)!

Discount Code: Kristi10 for 10% off storewide.

5 Little Bears boasts an incredible range of activities and resources for every little explorer, where you'll find Space, Bug Life, Dinosaurs, An Enchanted Forest, Emotions and a range of other themes to amplify your child's interests and learning. All handmade in NSW, many of these beautiful wooden resources are centered around Australia's flora and Fauna, most recently in their own published books. We love the Themed activity packs for their educational fun, and it makes the perfect fun pack if you're travelling around on your holidays!

If you have a child, chances are you've heard of Connetix! A wonderful resource for children's developmental skills, its here to entertain your child for hours, and no doubt you'll find yourself on the floor, building those magnificent masterpieces beside them. These beautifully coloured magnetic tiles are the perfect investment if you're after a resource that will grow with your child, and the quality will ensure they last years! You'll find these at Children of the Wild, a small business with an amazing array of Play, Wear and Craft products.

Hosting a beautifully curated collection for both Mum and bub, Romper & Co is your one stop shop for the expecting Mumma, or one looking for a perfect keepsake. You'll find the most adored selection of play, wear, sleep, eat, and gifts for mum and bub, and we couldn't go past the sweetest little Wicker Pram for all those adventures with dolls or a favourite ted! Doubles as a shopping trolley for those little home grocery shoppers!

A wonderful activity for colour recognition, problem solving and fine motor development, the Rainbow Peg boards provide the perfect mix of fun and educational. Choose from Rainbow (Natural or classic) or the new Dinosaur peg boards, the perfect resource for every playroom. Check out Little Pegz for their pegboards, and Magnetic Tiles, quality toys that will last your children years.

Discount code BOHO for 15% off storewide.

A favourite in our household, we couldn't go past the Bamboo Construct and Roll, a wonderfully innovative bamboo ramp, that will become a fan favorite in every child's playroom. Building the ramp is only half the fun, watch and roll those balls/ objects down or double it as an open ended play piece.

Scouts and Sprouts holds an array of wooden and natural resources for the beautifully neutral playroom and we love the Whimsical Wishes Trio Set for those sensory activities, adding the perfect sprinkle of magic for all that hands on play.

Discount code: BOHO for 10% off storewide.

I hope you loved this Gift Guide as much as I enjoyed creating it and I hope you find some resources that you love from the amazing Small Businesses that we have in our Country!

I would love to hear if this helped you in any way, and every like, comment and subscribe is so appreciated!

Disclaimer: Some of the included discount codes are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

All opinions are of my own and not endorsed by any of the featured businesses.

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1 Comment

Dec 10, 2021

I can't wait to have my own little learner to buy these wonderful natural toys.

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