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I tried to reason with my Toddler...

Let me start off by saying, to all those parents with more than one child...I take my hat off to you. If you've got one baby...I feel you. If you have a child aged 3+, well done to you. If you're in the depths of Toddler-hood, come, let me grab you a wine, and we'll sit together in those depths.

I've worked with children for over 8 years, in many towns of QLD and in London. I've worked with babies, kids, school aged children, children with disabilities, and of course, toddlers. Which ironically was always my favourite age to work with. So when I found out I was to become a mother, I thought Id got it pretty sussed out, I was going to be a firm, loving mother, who respected their child as an individual but set concrete boundaries in place.... I knew what was up... I was obviously a natural.

The newborn stage was tough (refer to Coping in the 4th Trimester post) but that little newborn bubble was full of love, with a tiny human to care for, to nurture and love. This little creature, so reliant on me as her whole world, through the good days and the bad. Id had many acquaintances pass me by with their 'friendly' comment, "You think this is tough, wait until they are a toddler", to which Id politely smile, thank them, and hurry over to my baby who was howling and grit my teeth, as I offered them my painful, bleeding boob, and looked forward to the 3 hours sleep I would (hopefully) get later that night.

Those newborn days passed, as my little one learnt how to walk, grew to have the most adorable little chats, and loved to spend her days reading on our lap and singing 'Row, Row, Row Your boat'. It was bliss. Then one day, it happened. She flew in a rage over a spoonful of yogurt that she didn't want to eat, throwing the spoon, kicking her legs and shrieking like a little Tasmanian Devil who was incidentally a high chair. I could only watch and think..."what. the. actual. fudge. is. this?"

The next day, she threw herself onto the floor, kicking her legs up on the ground and screaming, turning her head every now and then to make sure I was watching. I had just offered to change her wet singlet. It dawned on me then, that the terrible twos weren't just a phase once they hit two. No, no. My little one was only 14 months. Toddler-hood had begun.

So here I was today, having lunch with my little, when she decided that vegetables were no longer to be included in her daily dinner, furthermore she would remain on a diet of cheese, meat and banana only. Which is typically not ideal when we don't actually eat so much meat at all.

I only wanted her to eat one of her once, so loved carrots, I tried the aeroplane move, the old dance and eat tune, the 'oh its so yummy" (as I ate one in view) move...nothing worked. So I sat in front of her and said "If you can eat this carrot, I will give you a banana" and waved it in front of her mouth. She flipped the spoon up and catapulted that carrot into her playroom. So we compromised. And here I am, sitting next to her, eating her carrots, while Addie munches happily on a banana. Because based on the last few months and through the words of Mr Google, one cannot reason with a toddler. It cannot be done. In fact, google told that you cannot reason with a child until they are 7! Well thanks for spreading that cheer Google! So I'll just be here eating her carrots for the next 6 years, followed by a bottle of wine. Settle in Mumma's, we're in for a ride!


P.S. Mumma's unite! If this sounds like a day in the life, Id love to know what antics your little one gets up to on a daily basis? When did the realization of Toddler-hood hit you? Pop it in the comments below and grab a wine, lets chat!



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